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KQF Halal Chilled Meats

Welcome to the halal chilled meats section of KQF’s online store.

In this section, you’ll find delicious polonies in a variety of popular flavours, all of which are ideal for use in sandwiches, salads and breakfast dishes or served as an exciting topping for pizzas.

Like all KQF products, all our polonies are made under the full time supervision of an independent inspector from the Halal Monitoring Committee. Ready cooked and suitable for home refrigeration, they are convenient, tasty and extremely versatile.

The same is true of our halal-certified sliced meats, which also deliver authentic flavours and real convenience for busy but discerning families. Ready sliced and available in beef, chicken and lamb, they offer a wide range of great flavours. 

Halal Certified Chilled Meats: UK Delivery

Families and individuals can buy KQF Premium products using the online shopping cart but there is a separate section for wholesale customers. Schools, caterers and retailers can browse our wholesale halal selection here.

For help or information, please contact us today.

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