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The KQF Story

KQF was established in 2001 by a team that set out to produce high quality halal foods for discerning British consumers.

At a time when other manufacturers were trying to mimic the tastes of Asia and South Africa, we made the decision to invest in authenticity. We therefore worked with our partners in Johannesburg and flew in a team of experienced food professionals who brought with them enormous expertise and access to the very best recipes and suppliers.

This was important to us because we wanted to build a strong foundation for growth and this meant delivering authentic flavours using quality recipes and ingredients. South Africa provided the perfect model because it has an established Asian community that is several generations ahead of Britain's own, but it also has a western bias towards convenience products that means it leads the way in Asian-style processed foods.

With this in mind, we gave our expert core team full responsibility for setting up all the necessary systems, processes and training for our new UK-based workers. In this way, we built up the business to be a perfect mirror of one of South Africa’s leading halal brands, thereby ensuring that everything about our products was authentic and that we embraced quality from the outset.

Since those early days, much has changed: we have introduced new products and entered new markets, found new partners and grown to become one of the country’s leading processors of high quality halal foods. However, the one thing that had never changed is our commitment to quality. We have always made every possible effort to ensure the authenticity of our food in order to give confidence to retailers and consumers alike.

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