About Us

KQF Company Profile

KQF manufactures fresh, chilled and frozen halal convenience foods. Some of our most popular ranges include sausages, burgers, breaded/crumbed products and ready-cooked sliced meats. You can download our halal product catalogue here. (PDF 6.62MB)

To view or print the product catalogue, you will need Adobe Reader.

We have our headquarters in Blackburn, Lancashire, the county in which we launched in 2001. Since that time, we have diversified our markets and steadily extended our product range. We have also won a number of awards, which have recognised our innovation, our growth and our commitment to quality.

Value for money is also crucial. We can't promise that we'll use the cheapest ingredients - we'll never compromise on flavour or our halal credentials - but we always seek to work as efficiently as possible and we'll pass on every possible cost saving to our customers.
KQF Value

Head Office Departments

Our principal departments include:

  • Production
  • New product development
  • Customer service
  • Distribution
  • Accounts

In the first instance, please call our switchboard (Tel. 01254 56699 / +44 1254 56699) for any of the above departments.

KQF Superstore

We also run our own superstore in Blackburn, in association with SPAR. The main departments include:

  • Customer service
  • Halal butchers
  • Post office

All Superstore enquiries should be made via our customer hotline: 01254 52527.