BRC Renews KQF’s ‘AA’ Rating

The British Retail Consortium (BRC) regularly inspects KQF’s operations to verify that we’re maintaining our standards. This year, after a recent visit, the BRC announced that we would again be awarded its highest ‘AA’ rating.

We first sought BRC accreditation in 2013 and initially obtained an impressive grade A rating. This improved to AA in 2017 and we’re pleased to have maintained it for 2019.

What this means for customers is that KQF has met the highest possible standards under the UK’s most stringent and widely recognised accreditation system. This represents a significant achievement, as KQF managing director, Faruk Vali acknowledges:

“A double-A rating is a real endorsement of all our efforts and investment,” he said. “The team has worked really hard to uphold our very high standards and I’m proud of everything we’ve achieved together. It’s also an important gauge for customers; we’re in a competitive, quality-focused business, so this gives retailers and other buyers the confidence that we’re maintaining exceptional quality, year on year.

“The retail sector will always be extremely important to us, so this rating, together with our HMC halal credentials, puts us in a very strong position to expand the business in 2020 and beyond.”

Back To School Lunch Idea

The kids have had a week off and now they are back at school, so we at KQF have come up with a few ideas for their lunch box which the kids will love. Our sliced meats are perfect for salads and sandwiches as they are ready to eat – no preparation at all for busy mums.

halal sandwich


The plain old cheese sandwich is now becoming extremely boring, so try spicing things up with our various meat loaf slices and Pastrami’s:
Beef Macon Slices
Chicken Tikka Slices
Spicy Lamb Loaf

Lamb Tikka Loaf
Salt Beef Slices

Halal Salad


Getting children to eat a plain salad can be difficult, add these ingredients and see them eating their greens with no fuss at all:
Pastrami Slices
Polony Slices
Grilled Chicken Fillets

Quick Halal sandwich recipe


Toast your bread 
KQF Chicken Tikka Slices
Lettuce/ Tomatoes/ red onions
Cheddar Cheese
KQF Beef Pastrami Slices

Quick Halal Salad recipe


1 tomato
¼ cucumber, sliced
½ red onion, sliced
1 small lettuce, shredded
Masala Polony / Chicken breast Fillet
Croutons –  Add hummus & olive oil

KQF New website

New Look for KQF Website

If you’re a regular visitor to the KQF website, you’ll have noticed that we’ve now got a whole new look.

We’ve been seeing increasing attention from superstores and other big retailers in recent months, so we felt it was important that the website should provide them with more of the information they need. As a result, we’ve given the site a new layout and a new look, so that business customers can find that information much more quickly and easily.

Earlier this year, we announced that we’d be closing down the online shopping cart system. That’s another important change you’ll see on the new site. Happily, however, our products are now stocked more widely than ever before, so wherever you live in the UK, it should be easy to buy your KQF products locally. If you’d like to know where your nearest KQF stockists are, please email us at and we’ll be glad to send you a list. (Please put ‘KQF Stockists’ in your subject line.)

We’re always on the look-out for new and better ways to meet our customers’ needs and to bring our products to a growing range of markets. This is one step in that direction, but there will be others coming soon. We expect to make a number of announcements about new developments within the business that will make it quicker and easier than ever to get your KQF shopping.

This website will carry on as usual – providing news about product launches, special events, promotions and other items of interest, so please do keep calling in from time to time. And, of course, you can also keep up to date without latest news and announcements by following us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Questions concerning the article in the Coventry Telegraph in July 2003

Thank you for your correspondence and your questions concerning the article in the Coventry Telegraph, which was published just over 14 years ago – in July 2003. I am sorry if it caused you any concern.

The event in question occurred long before the current management structure was in place, and long before we established our current factory.

In 2003, KQF operated differently. At that time, the processing schedule involved doing consecutive manufacturing runs of lamb, chicken and beef on the same day. The wash-down procedure was at the end of each day. As a consequence, there were traces of spiced meat mix carried forward from one product run to another and these were found in the laboratory test. The cross contamination was unintentional; the result of a practice we have long since abandoned.

Please be assured that such problems could not happen today. Over a dozen years ago, we updated all our manufacturing processes to prevent the possibility of any such issues. Different meat types are now handled on different days of the week, and additional wash-downs are performed between runs to prevent allergy risks.

As you probably know, we are now accredited by the Halal Monitoring Committee, and have been for many years. The HMC provides a professional inspector who is stationed full time at our factory. He checks the source of all incoming products, he monitors all our manufacturing operations, and he verifies that only certified halal ingredients are ever used in KQF products.

The quality and safety of our manufacturing operations are accredited by the British Retail Consortium, which has given us the highest possible AA rating. Its accreditation covers food safety and hygiene, the fitness of our processes, the accuracy of our record-keeping, the use and maintenance of equipment and all the many other factors that have a bearing on the quality and traceability of our finished products.

In short, our systems and processes today are overseen and accredited by the food industry’s most stringent and exacting monitoring bodies. We have earned the highest possible ratings for quality and halal  integrity, and we continuously review and improve our systems to ensure that we maintain the highest standards. Since revising our procedures well over a decade ago, we have had no recurrence of the issue reported in the 2003 newspaper article, and have received no further complaints.

There is nothing more important to us than maintaining our customers’ trust, so if you have any concerns – or if you would like to arrange a visit to inspect our manufacturing operations for yourself, please contact us.

Customers Urged to Beware of Fake Announcements

In recent weeks, an individual known to KQF has made a series of malicious social media announcements about – or claiming to come from – this company. A number of these posts and announcements have been made using fake profiles. We would like to assure customers that KQF is in no way connected with them. We have notified the authorities and hope for a speedy resolution.

The individual is known to have set up a number of different profiles using false identities, as well as a fake ‘company page’, and may do so again. Consequently, if customers discover any site or social profile that claims to be operated by KQF, please bear in mind that the content could well be malicious. KQF will only make announcements online via its usual, established platforms – namely this website and the following social media addresses:



KQF does not use other social media profiles besides those listed above, so please be cautious when browsing. If you have any questions or concerns, or if you have found a profile that you believe to be malicious, please contact us so we can report it.

It’s that time of year again, back to school season! Let’s talk about lunch menu..

Back to school
Back to school

Fresh new shirts and smart new shoes have been bought and summer holiday tans are already fading, signs that can point only to one thing – it’s time to go back to school.

The first day back at school, when it’s still warm and sunny, can be difficult for them to hit the ground running and get back into “work mode” quickly.

But stresses and strains at the start of a new academic year can be just as overwhelming for parents as it is for children. Of course, it can be a real challenge to come up with healthy lunch ideas day after day. And let’s face it, as adults, we (often times, more so than our kids) get tired of the “same-old same-old” lunch.

So, having a plan for what to serve for lunch makes getting ready for the busy school year a whole lot easier for parents! Why not try our classic burgers & ready cooked kebabs or our japamosa’s for a perfect pack lunch meal.

Get In The BBQ Spirit



It’s time to pull out the BBQ, dust off the charcoal bag and get ready to enjoy summer with glorious sunshine. Make your BBQ exotic with our wide range of KQF products from flavours around the world.

KQF GOurmet South African


Our South African Gourmet Burgers are the meatiest & biggest burgers we do. Made with 90% Lean Beef and weighing in at a whopping 220g per patty.



However you like your burgers “spicy” or “mild”, we’ve got you covered with our Texan Range. These Meaty burgers weigh 110g each and are sure to please.

KQF Classic


Essential and great value for money with a variety of choice, available in Beef, Chicken & Lamb and made with Authentic Indian spices perfect for keeping everyone entertained. These Burgers, Kebabs or Sausages are perfect value for money.

KQF Burger


+ Pastrami Slices
+ Sliced Meats
+ Halloumi
+ Sweet Potato
+ Corn On The Cob

Try adding these on the BBQ as sides or to give your Burgers that extra edge.

KQF Given Top ‘AA’ Rating by BRC

BRCFollowing inspections earlier this year, the British Retail Consortium (BRC) has upgraded KQF’s accredited status from ‘A’ to ‘AA’ – the highest possible rating for a UK retailer.

KQF first approached BRC in 2013 with a view to gaining accreditation, and it was successful in that first year. In every year since then, the company had consistently maintained a grade A rating, but now it has gone a step better.

The AA rating was first introduced in 2015 under the BRC’s Global Standard for Food Safety, issue 7. The BRC notes that: “Issue 7 requirements were updated with a focus on improved transparency in the supply chain, food fraud and substitution risk assessment, reduction in product recalls attributed to incorrect labelling, brand protection, and legal compliance. As a result, two new fundamental sections and five new sections were added to BRC’s Food Safety Standard.”

In short, KQF has met the highest possible standards under an accreditation system that has itself been made more stringent. This represents a significant achievement, as KQF managing director, Faruk Vali explains:

“We can be very proud of the new double-A rating,” he said. “It has taken hard work and investment to get us here but it has been well worth the effort. It means we can demonstrate to all customers and potential customers that we adhere to the very highest standards – and that we are maintaining those standards day after day, year after year.

“I’d like to thank and congratulate the KQF team on securing this new, higher rating. It will give added confidence to our clients and distributors, and – together with our proven halal credentials – it will help underpin our plans for expansion in the days ahead.”

The BRC AA rating comes at a helpful time for KQF. This spring sees the launch of several exciting products including a range of new marinades and KQF Shish Chicken Kebab Bites, which will be followed by a lamb version later in the year.

For more details and the chance to take part in free taster sessions and give-aways, please see our Facebook page.

How to cook and store meat safely

Store meat safelyStoring Meat Safely

In order to ensure bacteria does not cause contamination, and food poisoning, it is essential to prepare, and store meat safely. Few safety tips:

  • Store raw meat and poultry in clean, sealed containers on the bottom shelf of the fridge. This prevents the meat/poultry from making contact with other foods.
  • Follow all storage instruction on the label, and never eat meat/poultry after its ‘use by’ date. Failure to do so can lead to serious, and even life threatening illness.
  • Cool cooked meat which is not going to be eaten immediately as soon as possible, and then store in the fridge or freezer.
  • Keep cooked meat separate from raw meat.
  • To further prevent contamination from raw meat, thoroughly clean plates, utensils, surfaces and hands immediately.

Freezing meat safely

Raw meat can be frozen safely, providing that you:

  • Freeze the meat before the ‘use by’ date.
  • Follow all freezing, and thawing instructions
  • As a rule of thumb, allow 24 hours to defrost each 2.5kg/5lbs of meat or chicken
  • If you defrost raw meat and then cook it thoroughly, you can freeze it again, but remember never to reheat foods more than once.
  • The meat can be cooked immediately if defrosted in a microwave. If the meat requires to be cooked later, thaw it in the fridge in order to prevent it from getting too warm.
  • Upon defrosting, ensure the meat is used within two days. It will expire in the same manner as fresh meat.
  • Ensure that the meat is cooked until it is steaming hot all the way through.

It is important to note that when meat thaws, it releases liquid. This liquid can spread bacteria to any food, plates, utensils, or surfaces that it touches. Ensure that the meat is stored in a sealed container on the bottom shelf of the fridge; this prevents contamination. Meat which is defrosted, and then cooked thoroughly, it can be frozen again. However, it is imperative to never reheat meat, or any other food more than once as this can lead to poisoning.

Cooking meat safely

In order to decrease the risk of food poisoning, meat should not be washed. This is because the droplets of water can splash on to other surfaces, and can contaminate them with bacteria. It is essential to cook meat properly, as it ensures that harmful bacteria are killed; this in turn prevents food poisoning. When meat is cooked all the way through, its juices run clear, and there is no pink or red meat left on the inside.

The following meats should be cooked all the way through:

  • Poultry such as chicken & turkey
  • Burgers and sausages
  • Kebabs
  • Rolled joints of meat

You can eat whole cuts of beef or lamb when they are pink inside – or “rare” – as long as they are cooked on the outside. This is because any bacteria are generally on the outside of the meat.

Storage-chart_eStoring Leftovers safely

  • For extra uncooked meat follow any storage instructions on the label and don’t eat meat after its ‘use by’ date
  • When you have cooked meat and you’re not going to eat it straight away, cool it as quickly as possible and then put it in the fridge or freezer
  • Leftovers should be refrigerated within two hours of cooking and eaten within three days
  • Remember never reheat foods more than once

General food safety tips

Replace sponges and kitchen towels regularly. Washing your dishes and cutting boards with dirty sponges and towels can spread more bacteria. Bacteria and other disease-causing pathogens also grow on sponges and towels over time, so make sure to clean your sponge thoroughly every other day and replace it about once per week.