New KQF Packaging

We’ve been making some big changes at KQF, including the launch of a new style of packaging, which is being introduced across the UK. We have started the roll-out with some of our most popular burgers, sausages and kebabs, which are now available in attractive green cartons and branded under the name KQF Classic.

The KQF Classic range includes our best selling products and flavour blends, so don’t forget to look out for your old favourites in their new look cartons. At the same time, look out for our new pink cartons, too, because we’re also introducing our impressive new KQF Premium range, which includes a variety of larger burgers and sausages for special occasions.

Over time, the whole KQF range will be sold in the new style cartons and wrappers but it will be a gradual process so, for a while, you might see a mix of packaging on the shelves.

In any event, we hope you agree that the new packaging is more attractive, easier to read and that it will make a much better impression when it’s on view in shop freezers. If you have any comments about it, please do let us know.

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