Time Well Spent at the GPU Festival

On the 23rd and 24th November, KQF took a stall at the 2013 GPU Festival, which was held at ExCel in London. We took part because we wanted to continue to build our presence in the South East of England and, looking back, we certainly achieved that. We received a tremendous amount of interest from both consumers and trade clients and, indeed, the KQF customer support team is still working its way through a backlog of enquiries.

The GPU (Global Peace and Unity) Festival was established to provide a platform for encouraging communication and mutual understanding between people from different faiths and backgrounds. The largest event of its kind across the whole of Europe, it is a wonderful multicultural initiative and KQF is proud to have been a part of it.

Commercially, it was also a great success. It gave us excellent exposure in London and the wider region, and delegates came forward with a variety of questions and enquiries about how and where our products could be bought. News about the recently launched KQF online shop was therefore very well received and many shoppers were pleased to hear that our products could be available via local retailers within two to three weeks.

Other questions frequently asked at the stand concerned the location of the KQF manufacturing plant and the origin of the meat, so it was good to be able to satisfy people’s curiosity by explaining that all KQF products are made in Britain using HMC certified meat and poultry.

Visitors expressed unanimous approval for the new product packaging and many of them asked whether KQF products were available in the major supermarkets. (The answer to this last question, incidentally, is ‘not for the moment but watch this space’.)

The 2013 GPU Festival was therefore an event that we were very pleased to support – not only because it was a great way of making ourselves better known, but also because it promotes a noble vision of a fairer and more cohesive multicultural world.