Looking for UK Wholesale Halal Meat Products?

If you are searching for wholesale halal meat products then the chances are that you already have an understanding of what halal means – but do you know the standards and certification processes involved? KQF is here to answer any questions you might have, with a view to providing you with the best in halal processed meat products and non-meat halal foods. We do not cut corners or compromise on the quality of our halal meat which is why we are considered one of the leading wholesale halal food suppliers in the UK

So what is Halal Chicken and Meat?

‘Halal’ does not necessarily have to refer to food products and can be applied to anything that is permissible according to Islamic law; in fact the true Arabic meaning of the word is ‘permissible’ or ‘lawful’. However, halal is best known for its application to food products.

When applied to food products, halal food is any food permissible for Islamic people to eat. In order for beef, chicken and lamb to become halal it must be slaughtered and prepared in accordance with accepted practices. Amongst the many criteria that must be applied, the slaughter of the animal must be undertaken by a Muslim who must invoke the name of Allah.

Meat products that haven’t been appropriately prepared are explicitly forbidden for consumption by Muslims, so it is imperative that food producers can give such consumers complete confidence that everything is prepared as it should be, in accordance with Islamic law. Our trusted suppliers are subject to continuous on-site monitoring by the Halal Monitoring Committee (HMC), which places full time inspectors at their premises to ensure that their methods and produce are completely acceptable. We, too, have a full time HMC inspector at our premises, for the same reason. We also check our non-meat food products and ingredients to ensure these too are compliant with stringent halal requirements. To further ensure the quality of our halal meat products and to maintain our reputation as reliable wholesale halal food suppliers in the UK, we have secured a Grade A rating under the BRC quality assurance system for food.

No Cutting Corners or Compromising on Quality

As trusted and highly regarded halal food suppliers in the UK we hold firm to our beliefs  and will only source our products containing halal chicken and other meats from HMC certified suppliers. Our ethos is that by maintaining integrity and by ensuring everything we provide is of the highest quality, we will continue to exceed our customers’ expectations and continue to merit their trust.

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