New Packaging for KQF Polonies

KQF Polonies
KQF Polonies

Customers might like to know that we have now launched the new-look packaging for our popular range of KQF Halal Polonies.

The new packs bring the products into line with the company’s updated branding and logo, which came into effect last year, and the colour coding makes it very easy to distinguish the different variants at a glance. The red wrapper indicates beef (Masala Polony), the blue indicates lamb and the yellow denotes chicken.

Please note that although the packaging has changed, the recipes, sizes and halal credentials have not, so customers will still be able to count on them to deliver the same quality, integrity and taste.

The KQF Polony range includes:

•    Chicken Polony
•    Masala (beef) Polony
•    Lamb Polony