The New KQF Jumbo Range

We recently announced our rising excitement about the launch of our new KQF Exotic range – high quality, half pound beef burgers available in five ‘world flavours’. The new products landed in the shops on Saturday 21st March.

Their introduction has prompted a ‘reshuffle’ of our existing range of Premium quality halal burgers and one of the results of this has been the launch of our new ‘Jumbo‘ range. This combines KQF’s existing Texan burgers with a new ‘Great British’ range, in which the focus is on high quality meat, simply seasoned without the use of herbs or spices. Weighing 110g each, the burgers are available in beef, chicken and lamb.

KQf Jumbo range of burgers

Weighing in at around twice the size of a standard high street burger, they also have a higher lean meat content. They are designed to allow families to enjoy a top quality burger at a fraction of the cost of an ordinary take-out.

Made with an authentic blend of Indian herbs and spices, KQF Jumbo burgers are perfect for parties and family occasions. Available in packs of 4, they can be can be grilled, barbecued or pan-fried.

Find them on the KQF website in the Frozen/Premium Burgers section.