Leicester Roadshow – Gourmet Range

In the food business, getting direct customer feedback is extremely important, particularly when you’re launching products such as our new Exotic range of gourmet half-pounder beef burgers. That’s why we were very pleased to work with one of our long-standing clients to organise a customer roadshow in Leicester.

Held on Saturday 25th April between 12 noon and 4pm the event took place at the premises of Mr Burger, a well-respected retailer and wholesaler of quality frozen foods.  We took the five variants of the Exotic burgers and staff gave out free samples for shoppers to try.


The five flavours in the Exotic range include:

  • Mexican
  • Moroccan
  • Portuguese Piri Piri
  • South African
  • Thai

One of the most interesting findings was that there appear to be regional differences in terms of customer preference. From taster sessions in Lancashire, at the KQF Superstore and elsewhere, the most popular flavours have tended to be the Thai-style and the Moroccan beef burgers. In Leicester, however, more customers opted for the spicier flavours of the South African and Mexican varieties.

It’s good to see that all the new flavour blends have been met with a positive reaction but it’s still too early to see whether a firm national favourite is emerging. More free taster sessions will probably take place over the summer, so if you’d like to take part, please check our Twitter and Facebook pages for details of forthcoming events.