Host the Ultimate Summer Barbecue with the Best Cuts of Halal Meat

This is the moment you’ve been planning for all year: You’ve buffed the grill, iced down the drinks, and stocked up on every imaginable condiment. All that’s left is to select your BBQ menu. Choosing the perfect meat for your party from among the many cuts at the butchery or supermarket can sound intimidating, but it doesn’t have to feel like a daunting task. From affordable halal butcher’s cuts to a whole brisket, here are the meats that will leave every guest well-fed and happy, no matter the size of your crowd.


Find a butcher you trust, order freshly ground meat, and you will never, ever go wrong with a burger. We like ours with 55% meat in our Classic range to 62% meat in our Premium range, which yields a juicy burger that won’t cause flare-ups on the grill when excess grease hits the coals.

A variety of burgers with mild to hot level in spice, all your guests are going to walk away super satisfied. And the best part is you don’t need to do anything to it, grill it to medium-rare, put a slice of cheese on it, and it is ready to serve.

Lamb SausagesSausages

Sausages are a specialty at the KQF, with flavours that blend moderate heat from the chilli as well as hints of onion, garlic and peppers. Pick up a variety at our KQF online store, grab some buns and toppings, and make your own hot dogs.

Our customers love to throw KQF sausages on the grill because they’re low-maintenance, easy to share, and a total crowd-pleaser.


Available in HMC certified lamb, beef and chicken, they’re great for barbeque parties and our British-made Classic Kebabs make a delicious starter. They combine high quality meats with authentic spice blends to deliver intense flavours.

ChickenSchnitzelsMeats for BBQ Group Party

Choose a wide range of marinated products that are tender, moist and memorable, with a flavour that is enhanced by a spicy or tandoori style marinade.

Few essential tips for BBQ:

The Day Before the Barbecue

  • Do some last-minute shopping. Get a sufficient supply of ice, condiments, drinks, meats and other perishable foods.
  • Prep the meat. Get our marinated meat to save time on marination and store them in the fridge.
  •  Make last-minute dishes. Prepare and store all the perishable foods you’ll be serving at the party.

The Day of the Barbecue

  • Finish decorating. Make the final adjustments to your décor and seating arrangements. Organize cups, plates, utensils, salads, side dishes, condiments, etc., on a buffet-style table. Make sure any food items are covered to protect them from heat and bugs!
  • Set up the drinks station. Fill your cooler with ice and stock it with plenty of drinks so they’re nice and cold by the time your guests arrive. Remember to frequently replenish the ice supply throughout the day.
  •  Prepare fresh appetizers. Cut and prep fresh fruits and veggies and keep them in the fridge until guests arrive.
  • Fire up the grill. Set up your grill and start cooking! Keep an eye on the meats and ensure they’re being grilled at the proper grilling temperatures.
  •  Enjoy! Spend the day having fun with your family and friends!