Guest blog by Richard Hall, Public Affairs Manager for the Post Office

Faruk Vali (KQF), Faryad Hussain (Mayor), Andrew Hall (SPAR) & Julie Kemp (Post Office)

Regular followers of our news blog will remember that in October 2016, we re-launched the KQF Superstore in conjunction with our two new partners – the Post Office and SPAR. In the following guest post, Richard Hall, Public Affairs Manager for the Post Office explains how this new partnership, together with others like it, is part of a national strategy of modernisation and expansion.

Richard Hall, Public Affairs Manager, Post Office

“We understand how important having a Post Office is to residents in Whalley Range and I am confident that this new modern Post Office will meet the needs of the local community and our partnership with KQF will secure services for the future.

The modernisation of the branch is part of a major investment programme, the largest in the history of the Post Office, and marks a commitment to no more branch closures programmes.

Many Post Office branches are extending weekday and weekend opening hours.  We have already transformed 5,000 Post Offices across the UK with more than 152,000 additional opening hours across the modernised branches and 3,000-plus branches open on Sunday.  The programme is helping us become better for customers by being there when they need us.  In 2016 we expect to become the largest retail network open on a Sunday.  Our transformation is also about ensuring that our products and services are perfect for what our customers need.

But to achieve our goals and modernise the network it is crucial that we have strong retail partners such as KQF who are vital in helping us sustain the network of Post Office branches and of ensuring that we remain at the heart of communities. “

New: American-Style Halal Hot Dogs

A3-posterHot-Dogs-v7-webOver the last year, we’ve developed an excellent relationship with a specialist supplier of high quality sausage ingredients. As a result of lengthy development work, recipe testing and customer taster sessions, we’re now gearing up for the launch of some delicious new products.

The first of these will be our American-inspired halal hot dogs – a range of pre-cooked, ready-to-eat sausages that can be used in buns, salads and breakfasts, but which work equally well as a sandwich-filler and a pizza topping.

There are three great flavours to choose from:

  • Cheesy Hot Dogs – red cheddar, herbs and spices in a traditional chicken bratwurst
  • American Hot Dogs – finely blended spices in a tasty beef Frankfurter
  • Chilli & Cheese Hot Dogs – white cheddar and red chilli in a delicious beef kassergriller

They are each available in three alternative sizes. The full size Original hot dogs come in packs of 4, the smaller Breakfast versions come in packs of 8, and the Mini versions, ideal for use in salads, buffets and children’s lunches, are sold in packs of 12.

Like all our products, they’re certified halal by the HMC and manufactured at our BRC-accredited factory in Blackburn.

Their launch will be marked by a series of free taster sessions at selected retail outlets, including our own Superstore in Blackburn. Look out for special promotions on the website and free give-aways via our social media outlets.