KQF at Muslim Lifestyle Expo 2016

mle-2016-poster1-webThe Muslim Lifestyle Expo is a two day exhibition that promotes the best of global Muslim trends, culture, food and business. This year, it was held at Event City in Manchester on the weekend of 29th and 30th October. It attracted more than 120 exhibitors from 14 countries. Their interests spanned everything from arts to business, fashion to food.

As a company with an increasing international profile, we felt it only right that KQF was represented at the event, so we booked a place and set up our stand in hall number 2. The event attracted between 7,000 and 10,000 visitors and with such large numbers, it was no surprise that our staff were kept very busy. At the stall, we prepared and distributed samples of various well known halal favourites such as our KQF Chicken Grills, but we also took the opportunity to get some early customer feedback on some of our newest product launches.

A particular draw was the opportunity to sample our new Kobeda Bites – tasty, oven ready bites that can be heated up quickly and served as snacks, starters, a side dish or an unusual finger food for buffets and parties. We offered samples in three world flavours: Turkish, Lebanese and Portuguese Peri Peri.

The response was excellent, with opinions broadly split on the question of favourite flavours. Many visitors said that they had never tried or seen this sort of product before, and that they would be keen to buy.  Staff explained that Kobeda Bites are now on sale via the KQF website and are currently being distributed to a selection of retailers UK-wide.

All in all, the event was a great success. The days were long, with staff manning the stand from 10am until 7pm on Saturday and 10 till 6pm on the Sunday. However, as a platform to promote ourselves to a broad national audience, the Expo was an unmissable opportunity and one we are very glad to have taken.

More information about our new Kobeda bites can be found on this website, or in many stores. Look out for  new in-store promotions, social media updates and information about free local taster sessions.

British sausage week

Considered a British staple, the humble sausage can be traced back to the 19th Century. After the onset of World War One, food was rationed heavily, which led to the dramatic decrease of meat in sausages. Instead, manufacturers bulked sausages out with scraps, cereal and water. This caused them to pop and hiss frantically when cooked on shovels over open fires in the trenches. Sometimes they even exploded. Hence, bearing the name Bangers!

Did you know that sausages are even older than Ancient Greece? The Sumerians (modern day Iraq) made sausages 5,000 years ago.


In order to appreciate (and eat!) sausages; as well as to celebrate the great lengths sausages have come to, KQF are proud to be part of British Sausage Week. It is time to celebrate the sausage, and what better way than to experience KQF’s diverse variety? Our sausages are ‘bulked’ up full of flavour, and meat…certainly not cereal!

Did you know that a staggering 1.26 billion meals containing sausage are eaten in the home each year?

Whether sizzling on a summer BBQ, heaped with ketchup in a hot dog, or a hearty plate of bangers and mash, our sausages are sure to satisfy everyone. Our classic sausages, available in beef or chicken, are made to our renowned fiesta recipe, and can be grilled, barbecued or pan fried. Blended with authentic herbs, and spices, with a gentle fiery kick, these are perfect for a quick and easy dinner.

KQF Halal SausagesSausage rolls can be identified as the life and soul of any party or buffet (well we think so anyway!), and our spicy mini sausage rolls, make perfect finger food, (or grab a handful food), for everyone. These are easy to cook and are made from carefully seasoned chicken, nestled in layers of puff pastry. Mini in size, but mighty in taste!

So whether they form a part the most important meal of the day, or are tucked in between fresh bread, there is no doubt sausages are integral in British life. Celebrate the Sausage, and tantalise your taste buds with our sausages, packed with goodness.

Buy our wide range of sausages – http://www.kqf-foods.com/kqf-frozen-halal-foods/sausages