Customers Urged to Beware of Fake Announcements

In recent weeks, an individual known to KQF has made a series of malicious social media announcements about – or claiming to come from – this company. A number of these posts and announcements have been made using fake profiles. We would like to assure customers that KQF is in no way connected with them. We have notified the authorities and hope for a speedy resolution.

The individual is known to have set up a number of different profiles using false identities, as well as a fake ‘company page’, and may do so again. Consequently, if customers discover any site or social profile that claims to be operated by KQF, please bear in mind that the content could well be malicious. KQF will only make announcements online via its usual, established platforms – namely this website and the following social media addresses:



KQF does not use other social media profiles besides those listed above, so please be cautious when browsing. If you have any questions or concerns, or if you have found a profile that you believe to be malicious, please contact us so we can report it.