Questions concerning the article in the Coventry Telegraph in July 2003

Thank you for your correspondence and your questions concerning the article in the Coventry Telegraph, which was published just over 14 years ago – in July 2003. I am sorry if it caused you any concern.

The event in question occurred long before the current management structure was in place, and long before we established our current factory.

In 2003, KQF operated differently. At that time, the processing schedule involved doing consecutive manufacturing runs of lamb, chicken and beef on the same day. The wash-down procedure was at the end of each day. As a consequence, there were traces of spiced meat mix carried forward from one product run to another and these were found in the laboratory test. The cross contamination was unintentional; the result of a practice we have long since abandoned.

Please be assured that such problems could not happen today. Over a dozen years ago, we updated all our manufacturing processes to prevent the possibility of any such issues. Different meat types are now handled on different days of the week, and additional wash-downs are performed between runs to prevent allergy risks.

As you probably know, we are now accredited by the Halal Monitoring Committee, and have been for many years. The HMC provides a professional inspector who is stationed full time at our factory. He checks the source of all incoming products, he monitors all our manufacturing operations, and he verifies that only certified halal ingredients are ever used in KQF products.

The quality and safety of our manufacturing operations are accredited by the British Retail Consortium, which has given us the highest possible AA rating. Its accreditation covers food safety and hygiene, the fitness of our processes, the accuracy of our record-keeping, the use and maintenance of equipment and all the many other factors that have a bearing on the quality and traceability of our finished products.

In short, our systems and processes today are overseen and accredited by the food industry’s most stringent and exacting monitoring bodies. We have earned the highest possible ratings for quality and halal  integrity, and we continuously review and improve our systems to ensure that we maintain the highest standards. Since revising our procedures well over a decade ago, we have had no recurrence of the issue reported in the 2003 newspaper article, and have received no further complaints.

There is nothing more important to us than maintaining our customers’ trust, so if you have any concerns – or if you would like to arrange a visit to inspect our manufacturing operations for yourself, please contact us.