Our Latest Product – Tandoori Halal Kebabs

Here at KQF we are committed to continually improving on the products we provide and to expanding the range of halal foods we offer. The latest product to hit the shelves is our ready cooked tandoori kebabs. Our Classic range already includes halal kebabs made from beef, chicken and lamb but this latest addition to the range is charcoal-cooked to deliver a great tandoori flavour and it’s available in either lamb or spicy chicken.

Produced Using the Finest Ingredients and Most Succulent Cuts of Halal Meat

Tandoori is the term applied to foods cooked in a charcoal-fired clay or metal oven known as a tandoor. Such ovens are predominantly used in Southern, Western and Central Asia and have been in common use since ancient times. KQF’s halal tandoori kebabs are cooked in the traditional way to ensure an authentic taste that has been enjoyed by people for centuries. What’s more, we always use the finest ingredients and the most succulent cuts of halal meat so that we can always be sure of providing the very best in quality, integrity and taste.

Ready cooked tandoori kebabs (halal chicken).
Ready cooked tandoori kebabs (halal chicken).

We Choose Only by the Most Trusted HMC Certified Halal Meat Suppliers

In addition to using the best quality ingredients, we ensure that all our authentic recipes are made using only HMC certified halal meat. This means that you can trust that you are receiving exactly what you pay for – a vital consideration when purchasing halal meat products.  We only use the most trusted suppliers of halal meat who have achieved their own HMC Certification. This ensures that the meat used in our recipes for our halal kebabs, sausages, burgers meets the strictest halal requirements.

Order Your Ready Cooked Tandoori Halal Kebabs Today

Why not try our latest halal product and place your order for our mouth-watering halal tandoori kebabs today? All our halal kebabs are sold ready frozen and can be heated conveniently using a conventional oven or microwave. You can find our latest tandoori halal kebabs within the Classic range along with a wide selection of other halal convenience foods such as halal burgers, sausages and more.

Contact the KQF Team

All of the foods we provide contain premium quality halal meat and are ideal for use at barbecues, buffets and parties. KQF are also halal meat product providers of choice for organisations such as catering businesses, retailers and schools. Don’t forget to contact KQF if you require a bulk order as we provide ‘multi-buy’ and trade discounts. You can contact the KQF team on 01254 56699.

Order Halal Meat Online from a Supplier you can Trust

At KQF we are proud of our reputation as suppliers of high quality frozen and chilled halal meat products. As responsible providers of halal food, we understand that our customers must be able to trust that what we provide is prepared in strict accordance with Islamic principles.  To prove that we merit this trust, we subject all our operations to thorough inspection and constant supervision by an on-site independent halal inspector from the HMC. This commitment to our customers’ satisfaction and peace of mind – combined with our unswerving use of authentic recipes and the finest ingredients – is what ensures that we continue to justify our reputation as trusted suppliers of quality halal burgers, sausage and other delicious foods  – all of which are made with the finest lamb, chicken and beef.

Prepared to BRC-accredited Standards

KQF halal sausages, burgers and other convenience foods can be delivered direct to your door, so you can enjoy a wide range of authentic halal foods that are perfect for family meals, parties and BBQs. Moreover, our ranges of ready frozen halal burgers, kebabs and sausages are all prepared to the very highest standards, in accordance with the British Retail Consortium’s quality assurance system for food. This ensures that your halal kebabs, sausages, grills and other halal food products arrive at your door in perfect condition and that you can always rely on KQF for the ultimate in quality, integrity and taste.

Order Halal Meat Online – Free Delivery on Orders over £90

You can view all of the halal products we supply on our website, where you can also order halal meat online. We provide a prompt and reliable delivery service with free delivery on orders over £90. We also specialise in providing wholesale halal meat products for schools, caterers and retailers – ranges that include halal marinated meats and chicken, halal burgers, halal sausages, pies, samosas and much more besides.

Don’t Miss Out on Our Multibuy Offers

If you are interested in having quality halal lamb, halal sausages, halal burgers and other halal food items delivered direct to your door you can simply order halal meat online from KQF using our online shop. Don’t forget to check out our special multibuy offers on bulk orders and our special bonus point system, both of which help you to save as you shop.

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As part of our promise to provide the very best in customer service, we welcome feedback from all our clients so if you have something to tell us, please do get in touch. You can contact our friendly KQF customer support team on 01254 56699. If you prefer we also provide a call back service designed for your convenience. You can request a call back by filling out the contact form on our website and a KQF customer service representative will contact you at a time that suits you.