• Beef Rashers

Beef Rashers

Beef Rashers

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Classic Range - Sliced Meats

KQF’s Beef Rashers are ready-cooked strips of beef, blended with halal chicken, which creates the lighter, streaky effect. They are gently smoked and flavoured with a mix of herbs and spices. Ready cooked and ready-sliced, they can be used cold in salads and sandwiches, or served hot on pizzas, in pasta dishes or in many other meals.

Product details:
•    KQF Beef Macon, 100g
•    Halal certified
•    Flavours: Woodsmoke, Salt
•    Use in pies, pizzas, pasta dishes, sandwiches etc.
•    Eat cold or heat briefly in a hot pan
•    Supplied chilled
•    Storage: keep refrigerated
•    Warning: Although great care has been taken to remove all bones, some may remain

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