Contract Manufacture

Contract Manufacture and New Product Development

We manufacture products for numerous well known halal food brands, some of which are recognised worldwide. We can manufacture to a specific recipe or we can offer our own recipes on a 'white label' basis. Importantly, we can also develop new products to suit a particular flavour profile and price point.

Our halal credentials and BRC accreditation make us a logical partner for food companies that seek extra production capacity, or the ability to develop new, high quality HMC-accredited foods. We give our trade clients the flexibility to meet their customers’ demands without incurring the expense of new product development or running their own halal-certified manufacturing plant.

Our custom manufacturing service is backed by a nationwide delivery service.

Building Profitable Relationships

Our contract manufacturing service has helped many of our customers to achieve significant growth. The London based food brand 'Spicy Halal Foods', for example, originally produced its own sausages to an original Asian recipe and quickly developed a reputation for excellence. However, growing consumer demand made it difficult for the company's production staff to keep pace, so the owner commissioned KQF to manufacture the same products under his own label. That was well over fifteen years ago now; since then, the Spicy Halal Foods brand has gone from strength to strength.

A similar tale of success can be told by Liberty Foods of Leicester, with whom we've been working for over a decade. The company originally stocked KQF's own-branded products but in 2013 it took the decision to launch its own range of burgers, sausages and kebabs, all of which are made to a bespoke Asian recipe. KQF manufactures the various meat products, which are then packaged and sold under the well known 'Armaan' label - a range that includes many other popular frozen foods.

The KQF Factory

We have increased the size of our factory floor many times over the last two decades, and we've invested in modern, highly efficient production and storage facilities.

Increasing automation has enabled us to achieve important economies of scale; we have been able to increase output and minimise production costs while also maintaining the highest standards of food safety and quality control.

We will be happy to organise factory tours for trade clients on request.

Bespoke Halal Product Development:

If you have particular halal food product requirements in terms of taste, range, appearance, yield, structure or price point, we can give you exactly the products you need.

To find out more about our R&D and production capabilities, please contact us today on 01254 56699.