• 4 Chicken Zinger Burger

4 Chicken Zinger Burger

4 Chicken Zinger Burger

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Chicken Zinger Burgers, 480g, Frozen

KQF Chicken Zinger Burgers are tasty, hot and satisfying. Made with 100% chicken breast, these halal quarter pounders are liberally spiced with chilli and paprika, then enveloped in a thick, extra-crispy coating. The coating is flavoured with garlic, onion and herbs, as well as paprika and black pepper. The result is a fiery burger with real bite - ideal for BBQs, parties and memorable meals all year round.

Product details:

4 KQF Chicken Zinger Burgers

Weight: 480g / 120g each

Supplied ready frozen

Certified Halal by HMC

Cook from frozen: bake, fry or grill

Storage: please store KQF Chicken Zinger Burgers at -18⁰C or below. If thawed do not refreeze. If thawed, refrigerate and consume within 2 days.

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