• Chicken Japamosas

Chicken Japamosas

Chicken Japamosas

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Chicken Japamosas

Inspired by the delicious tempura dishes of Japan, KQF’s halal Chicken Japamosas are part of our innovative Mosa range. The most distinctive feature is its light, crispy tempura batter, which delivers a lovely crunch without any heaviness or sogginess.

As with all our products, the Chicken Japamosas are made with only HMC-certified halal ingredients. That means a tasty combination of choice chicken and a jalapeno sauce. A combination of chilli, pepper, onion, ginger and garlic account for our 'two chilli' spice score. Paprika, cumin, turmeric, spring onion and coriander all add to a beautiful 'layered' complexity of flavour that's sure to have your diners asking for more.

 Product details:

  • 15 Chicken Japamosas
  • Supplied ready frozen
  • Certified Halal by HMC
  • Oven cook from frozen
  • Chilli / heat: moderate
  • Product weight: 480g
  • Warning: Although great care has been taken to remove all bones, some may remain
  • Storage: please store these Chicken Japamosas at -18⁰C or below. If thawed do not refreeze. If thawed, refrigerate and consume within 2 days.

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