• Peri Peri Kobeda Bites

Peri Peri Kobeda Bites

Peri Peri Kobeda Bites

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15 Portuguese lamb Kobeda Bites, 375g

Made to a hot and spicy recipe, KQF's Portuguese-style Kobeda Bites score a 3-chilli rating on our 'heat' scale. Sold in packs of 15, they are a delicious blend of succulent HMC-certified halal lamb and a rich spice blend. This includes black pepper, chilli, cumin, paprika, white pepper and caraway, as well as onion, bell peppers, lemon oil and paprika.

The Piri Piri flavour packs a real punch and is sure to go down well at parties and other events, but these mini kebabs also work well at family mealtimes. In addition to this Portuguese-style flavour, KQF Kobeda Bites are also available in milder Lebanese and Turkish styles.

Product details:

  • 15, Kobeda Bites with Portuguese Piri Piri seasoning
  • Weight: 15 x 25g (375g)
  • Made with halal lamb, spices and herbs
  • Certified Halal by HMC
  • Supplied ready cooked and then frozen
  • May be heated for 2 minutes in a microwave, or 10 minutes in an oven (200°C for a conventional oven / 170°C for a fan oven.)
  • Storage: please keep these Lamb Kobeda Bites Keep frozen at or below -18°C. Once thawed, do not re-freeze.

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