KQF Foods

KQF Halal Policy Statement

At KQF, we only manufacture halal foods. We make them all ourselves in our factory in Blackburn, Lancashire.


All our products are made using meat from un-stunned sources.


We sell our products under a number of different brand names. They are made using meats from different suppliers, some of which have adopted different halal certification regimes.


The following KQF-made brands use ingredients from only HMC-certified suppliers.


  • Khan’s
  • Taha


None of the meats that are used in the production of these ranges come from processes that use stunning. For these brands, the HMC-certified ingredients are shipped to us in tamper-evident containers, which are signed for on arrival by a member of our in-house halal compliance team.


The team is responsible for checking and confirming the halal credentials of all ingredients – i.e. not just the meat elements. The same team ensures that once they have reached us, the right ingredients are used for the right production processes and brands.


KQF Branded Products

Products sold under the KQF brand use meats from a larger number of suppliers, not all of which are certified by the HMC. However, our in-house halal compliance team is responsible for ensuring that the highest standards are still observed and that we only accept meat and poultry from certified non-stunned sources.


* * *