KQF Foods

We know that 2023 will present significant challenges for many people. Household living costs are still rising quickly, particularly the costs of energy, fuel and food. Fortunately, we can at least offer some help with that last item.

We’ve been working hard to develop new product options that put the emphasis on affordability. We’ve announced some of those already; our Family Saver range, for example, is priced at £4.99, so for a pack of 20 sausages, that works out at less than 25P a sausage. We’ve also launched similar cost-cutting deals on a selection of Peri Peri sausages, grills and kebabs – and there will be more to come in 2023.

We’ll announce any new developments on this site, of course, but it’s also well worth following our social media accounts. On Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we won’t just be announcing new product launches; those are also where customers can learn about special offers and anything else that we’re doing –everything from special taster sessions to support for community projects and events.

Please be assured that we will continue to do all we can to protect our customers against avoidable price rises this year, and that we will be listening carefully to feedback from both retailers and consumers.