KQF Foods

KQF is both a manufacturer and a retailer, so we’re keenly aware of the effects of the fast-rising cost of living. Not only do we receive regular, ongoing feedback from our retail and food service clients; we also hear directly from our own superstore customers about how inflation and higher taxes are hitting household budgets. Consequently, we have felt a distinct need to respond – to help all our customers during difficult economic times.


We’ve been aware for some time that these challenges were coming so, behind the scenes, we’ve been doing everything possible to keep our wholesale costs down.


Most obviously, we have developed our new Family Saver range which aims to deliver the best possible value for money. By sticking to the basics – concentrating on using good quality meats and simple but popular flavour profiles – and by selling in larger pack sizes, we’ve been able to keep unit costs down without compromising on quality, integrity or taste.

Perhaps less apparent has been our work with our supply chain partners to find new efficiency savings. We’ve faced huge increases in our own costs – particularly on energy and fuel – but passing on all these extra costs in the form of higher prices is an option that we’ve tried extremely hard to resist. Consequently, we have looked at all aspects of our operations to streamline our processes and to eliminate unnecessary overheads.

In particular, we have found savings through


  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Identifying new supply chain partners
  • Improved logistics
  • Investment in more efficient new machinery
  • Promoting resource efficiency awareness in-house
  • Changes to some packaging

We will, of course, continue to look for ways to minimise costs and to insulate our customers against avoidable price rises

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