KQF Foods

Meeting New Challenges

We know that 2023 will present significant challenges for many people. Household living costs are still rising quickly, particularly the costs of energy, fuel and food. Fortunately, we can at least offer some help with that last item. We’ve been working hard to develop new product options that put the emphasis on affordability. We’ve announced […]


We recently announced the launch of our new Family Saver range of halal sausages and grills, which is designed to respond to the cost-of-living crisis, and which has met with a great reception from customers. However, we understand the challenges that ordinary families will be facing this winter, so we’ve set ourselves the challenge of doing more to help.

Responding to the Cost of Living Crisis

KQF is both a manufacturer and a retailer, so we’re keenly aware of the effects of the fast-rising cost of living. Not only do we receive regular, ongoing feedback from our retail and food service clients; we also hear directly from our own superstore customers about how inflation and higher taxes are hitting household budgets. Consequently, we have felt a distinct need to respond – to help all our customers during difficult economic times.


LAUNCHES FAMILY SAVER RANGE “The new Family Saver range still adheres to our founding principles – quality, integrity and taste – but by selling in larger packs and working to simple, classic recipes, we’ve been able to make the unit costs lower. If the range proves to be as popular as we expect, then we’ll […]

New Look for KQF Website

If you’re a regular visitor to the KQF website, you’ll have noticed that we’ve now got a whole new look. We’ve been seeing increasing attention from superstores and other big retailers in recent months, so we felt it was important that the website should provide them with more of the information they need. As a […]

Back To School Lunch Idea

The kids have had a week off and now they are back at school, so we at KQF have come up with a few ideas for their lunch box which the kids will love. Our sliced meats are perfect for salads and sandwiches as they are ready to eat – no preparation at all for busy […]

BRC Renews KQF’s ‘AA’ Rating

The British Retail Consortium (BRC) regularly inspects KQF’s operations to verify that we’re maintaining our standards. This year, after a recent visit, the BRC announced that we would again be awarded its highest ‘AA’ rating. We first sought BRC accreditation in 2013 and initially obtained an impressive grade A rating. This improved to AA in […]