Halal Certification

KQF Halal-Certified Foods

KQF is HMC Certified

Between our launch in 2001 and the early months of 2020, all our foods were independently monitored and certified by the Halal Monitoring Committee (HMC). Today, many of our lines continue to be HMC-certified and we continue to use all our original HMC-certified meat suppliers.

However, with the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic, some of those suppliers saw a drop in capacity. This was partly due to some of their staff having to isolate and partly because of the need to re-engineer their production processes in order to support proper social distancing. The net result was a fall in their production, so we had to find new suppliers in order to meet the shortfall. We could not maintain production levels using only HMC-certified suppliers and so we also began working with another British monitoring body, Halal Scholarly Inspections (HSI).

Now, under this twin system, on-site HMC inspectors monitor our production on certain days and for certain product lines. On the remaining days, production is overseen by HSI.

The Halal Monitoring Committee (HMC)

The HMC requires that we have an HMC inspector stationed at our premises to monitor our production processes and to confirm that we use only certified halal meats and ingredients. The meats we use for our HMC-certified products come only from HMC-certified slaughterhouses that have exactly the same safeguards in place. During transit between premises, all products are kept in sealed tamper-evident containers.

This approach helps to ensure complete integrity. Independent, on-site inspectors are able to monitor operations and verify that all the necessary standards are being met. No contravention of halal requirements has ever been recorded in food producers that have adopted this inspection and certification system.

HSI Certification

The HSI monitoring system enables us to use a wider range of halal meat suppliers and, thus, to maintain production levels while also upholding excellent standards. The HSI’s certification criteria are set out on its website.

HSI certification requires a visit from the HSI’s founder, Sheikh Ridwan, an imam from Bolton in Greater Manchester. He inspects all on-site processes and checks the source of all incoming ingredients to verify that all relevant halal criteria are being met. He also checks the halal certification of any meat suppliers, making site visits to their premises as required. Then, to ensure continued adherence, HSI will make unannounced visits and spot checks at our premises, as well as scheduled inspection visits throughout the year.