Halal Certification

KQF Halal-Certified Foods

KQF is HMC Certified

All KQF foods are independently monitored and certified by the Halal Monitoring Committee (HMC).

This certification requires that we have a full-time HMC inspector stationed at our premises to oversee our production processes and to confirm that we use only certified halal meats and ingredients. The meats we use come only from HMC-certified slaughterhouses that have exactly the same safeguards in place, and during transit between premises, all products are kept in sealed tamper-evident containers.

We believe that this is the only reliable way to ensure complete halal integrity. Independent, on-site inspectors are able to monitor operations and verify that all the necessary standards are continuously being met. This is the approach we adopt at KQF, and all our supply chain partners adhere to the same dependable system.

No contravention of halal requirements has ever been recorded in food producers that have adopted this inspection and certification system. Our customers can, therefore, rest assured that our products are 100% halal.

The Halal Monitoring Committee (HMC)

KQF is the UK's leading processor and supplier of HMC-certified halal food products. We observe strict rules governing the tagging, processing and transportation of goods.

HMC processes are designed with the halal consumer in mind. All our meat suppliers use traditional sunnah methods (zabihah) and the meat is tagged at each stage of processing and transportation, thereby ensuring a guaranteed halal product in which the consumer can have complete trust and confidence.

South African National Halal Authority (SANHA)

KQF directors also have a strong affiliation with SANHA - a respected halal monitoring organisation in South Africa. SANHA has well-established links throughout the food industry.

SANHA is also part of the World Halal Authority, which is seeking to establish uniformity and common standards across the globe for the benefit of all Muslims. KQF aims to strengthen its links with SANHA and other worldwide with the aim of delivering a trusted halal product for all UK and international consumers.